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When looking for an excellent diesel engine, you want it to be precisely assembled, fuel-efficient, and with fantastic torque characteristics.

But isn’t it too good to be affordable? At Engine Family, we will prove to you that it’s not.

We are a China-based diesel engine supplier and your #1 choice for the best yet reasonably priced products for on-road as well as off-road applications.

A glimpse into our catalog is enough to find world-class engines and spares for less money.


Reliable Engines for Construction Equipment and Industrial Applications

MTU offers an array of high-performance, economical diesel engines for construction equipment, deployment in ports, or for airport vehicles and ground equipment. Moreover, our engines have also proven themselves as drive systems for stationary applications and machines such as pumps and compressors.
Whether wheel loaders, haul trucks or roadbuilding equipment, mobile cranes, aircraft tractors, or container cranes, our wide range of engines, with outputs of 75 kW (Series 900) to 3,000 kW (Series 4000), MTU always has the perfect engine for your equipment. As a systems supplier, MTU’s integration expertise can provide you with a complete package that is optimally tailored to your needs – with both software and hardware. Various power take-off options for highly specialized applications offer even greater flexibility.
In order for our diesel drive systems to operate trouble-free even under extreme conditions, we test them again and again in continuous operation and with full loads in the heat, cold, and dust,as well as with frequent load changes. This ensures that our engines offer maximum availability.
In addition to their well-known longevity, low-maintenance construction and long service intervals also ensure their cost-effectiveness. They minimize expenses and downtime and ensure that all equipment is fully operational again in record time. the efficient fuel consumption of all MTU engines, which are among the lowest-consumption engines on the market due to their second-generation common rail injection system and intelligent engine management.

Diesel engine drive your equipment in perfect condition


Multi functionality is our biggest asset

The diesel engine and parts that we provided can satisfy any needs for any application of the customer.

Application areas

Our responsibility is to provide the sales and Application guide services for the above diesel engine products for the market, including the following purposes:
Government vessels
Commercial ships
Diesel generators set
Construction and industrial equipment
Oil and gas equipment
Rail vehicles and mining vehicles

— Paul Teutul Jr., Owner, Paul Jr. Designs