Deutz Engine BF8M1015CP

2018-8-20 8:34:44

Deutz series 1015 - a series of professional and consumer engines of the famous German company DEUTZ for construction equipment. The Deutz 1015 engines are used in mobile industrial, building installations, on vehicles.

The Deutz BF8M1015CP engine is a four-stroke 6-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine, with a turbocharger and charge air cooling, with direct fuel injection, a horizontal shaft arrangement.

The BF8M1015CP water-cooled diesel engine is a product produced by China with the German Deutz license.

This series of products is V-shaped 90° structure, with 6 or 8 cylinders. Through the integrated multi-functional design, the number of parts of the whole machine is greatly reduced, and the modular structure can adapt to various matching requirements.

The oil passage and internal waterway structure make the external piping of the diesel engine less, which reduces the potential for faults; and adopts the world's advanced four-valve, crankshaft connecting rod shaft diameter and other technology to make the engine power stronger and smoother.

Deutz BF8M1015CP engines are widely used in various equipment: wheeled and crawler excavators, loaders, drilling rigs, combines, compressors, diesel generators, etc.

The work is more reliable, the maintenance is simpler, the emission is more environmentally friendly, and it is better than the Euro II regulatory standard limit.

DEUTZ engines comply with EU gas regulations Step II and CFR 40, Part 89, Tier II (USA).Motors BF8M1015CP are adapted to operation with the use of Russian fuel and allowed to contain sulfur in diesel fuel to 1%.

Engine modelBF8M1015CPDeutz BF8M1015CP diesel engine
Engine type4-stroke, 8-cylinder level, diesel, OHV, liquid cooling, direct injection, turbocharged
Displacement15.87 L
Rated Power440KW(598 HP)@2100rpm
Peak Torque (Nm@RPM)2500Nm, 1844 lb.ft @ 1300 rpm
EmissionEUⅠ  EUⅡ   EUⅢ

DEUTZ Diesel Engine BF8M1015CP Technique Specification

Bore132.0 mm
Stroke145.0 mm
Displacement15.87 L
Compression Ratio17.0:1
Idle speed600 rpm
Cold StyleWater-cooled
Cycle4 stroke
Number of Cylinders8 cylinders in line
Min Fuel Consumption200 g/kw.h

DEUTZ Diesel Engine BF8M1015CP Trade Information

Warranty time1year or 1500h
Engine Size(L*W*H):1151mm x 955mm x 1174mm
Weight net1060 Kg
Delivary portShanghai
Delivary time15 working days
Trade termesFOB/CIF/CNF
Payement termesT/T,L/C

Conventional spare parts

119988 | valve oil seal

Part Name: Valve oil seal

Part Number: 116988

Brand: Deutz

Model: 1015 Series

Place of Origin: China

Resistance to high pressure, oil, weather, abrasion, solvent, high temperature, abrasion resistant, aging resistant, insulation, acid and alkaline resistant.

04261513 | Air Compressor

Part Name: Air Compressor

Part Number: 04261513

Brand: Deutz

Model: 1015 Series

Place of Origin: China

We offer a wide range of Deutz add-on product portfolios to match your engine – from fuel preheaters to complete power units.

04260083 Water pump

Part Name: Water pump

Part Number: 04260083 02931061 02931392 02937466

Model: 1015 Series

Brand: Deutz

Place of Origin: China

Correct coolant flow and pressure matched to the engine´s requirements – ensuring optimum cooling and engine performance.High quality ceramic seals and sealed bearings ensure long lifetime.All replacement pumps include all the required gaskets and seals needed to fit the part.


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