Deutz diesel engine 1015 series Catalog

2018-8-20 9:12:55

Water cooled Diesel Engine Characteristics of the 1015 Series

• The 1015 Series water-cooled diesel engine is a product produced by China with the German Deutz license.

• The Deutz Series 1015 - is a four-stroke 6- and 8-cylinder v-type diesel engine (OHV) for mobile equipment overhead valves, horizontal power shafts, and liquid-cooling operation in normal climatic conditions, with 6 or 8 cylinders.

• The generated power is 407 hp. (300 kW) to 598 hp. (440 kW). The Deutz 1015 engine model is equipped with a turbocharger with mechanical regulator for electronic control (optional).

• Through the integrated multi-functional design, the number of parts of the whole machine is greatly reduced, and the modular structure can adapt to various matching requirements.

• The oil passage and internal waterway structure make the external piping of the diesel engine less, which reduces the potential for faults; and adopts the world's advanced four-valve, crankshaft connecting rod shaft diameter and other technology to make the engine power stronger and smoother.

• The work is more reliable, the maintenance is simpler, the emission is more environmentally friendly, and it is better than the Euro II regulatory standard limit.

• Deutz 1015 series engines are used in peredvezhnyh generators, drilling and welding machines, tractors, cranes, excavators, harvesters, other construction and agricultural machinery and equipment in the drive.

• The advantages of the Deutz 1015 series are: low noise; compact design, relatively high engine power; improved reliability and durability thanks to modern production technology and material quality. They comply with EU-RL 97/68 (Step 2) and US-EPA Nonroad (Tier 2) emission standards for off-road vehicles.


Engine modelBF6M1015C Water cooled Diesel Engine 

Deutz BF6M1015C Water cooled Diesel Engine

Engine type4-stroke, 6-cylinder inline
Displacement11.94 L
Rated Power237-300KW(317-407 HP)@1900-2100rpm
Peak Torque(Nm@RPM)1980Nm, 1458 lb.ft @ 1200 rpm
EmissionEUⅠ  EUⅡ   EUⅢ


Engine modelBF6M1015CP Water cooled Diesel Engine 

Deutz BF6M1015CP Water cooled Diesel Engine

Engine type4-stroke, 6-cylinder inline
Displacement11.91 L
Rated Power300-330KW(402-448 HP)@1900-2100rpm
Peak Torque(Nm@RPM)1875Nm, 1382 lb.ft @ 1300 rpm
EmissionEUⅠ  EUⅡ   EUⅢ


Engine modelBF8M1015C Water cooled Diesel Engine 

Deutz BF8M1015C Water cooled Diesel Engine

Engine type4-stroke, 8-cylinder inline
Displacement15.87 L
Rated Power364-400KW(487-543 HP)@1900-2100rpm
Peak Torque(Nm@RPM)2637Nm, 1944 lb.ft @ 1200 rpm
EmissionEUⅠ  EUⅡ   EUⅢ


Engine modelBF8M1015CP Water cooled Diesel Engine 

Deutz BF8M1015CP Water cooled Diesel Engine

Engine type4-stroke, 8-cylinder inline
Displacement15.87 L
Rated Power400-440KW(536-598 HP)@1900-2100rpm
Peak Torque(Nm@RPM)2500Nm, 1844 lb.ft @ 1300 rpm
EmissionEUⅠ  EUⅡ   EUⅢ

Deutz Diesel Engine BFM1015 Series Technical Parameters


Basic parameters
Work cycle4 stroke
Mixed gas systemDirect injection supercharged intercooler
Cylinder head arrangementV-shaped 90 degree angle
RotationCounterclockwise rotation for the flywheel
Number of cylinders68
Ignition sequenceA1 B3 A3 B2 A2 B1A1 B4 A4 B1 B3 A3 B2 A2
Firing interval120°90°
Each cylinder volume1.984
Cylinder volume11.90615.874
Compression ratio16.5
Maximum ignition pressure155BAR
Rated speed1500-2100 RPM
Minimum engine speed550
Engine oil consumption rateLess than fuel consumption 0.3%
Engine weight8501060

Lubrication system
Lubrication formPressure lubrication
Oil filterReplaceable
Oil pump flow 2100r/min170 L/min210 L/min
10.2 m³/h12.6 m³/h

Cooling system
Coolant maximum temperature103℃
Thermostat opening temperature79/83
Coolant volume1721
System pressure0.9-1.1 BAR
Coolant pressure≤1.8 BAR

Cooling water pump
Rated speed2100 RPM
Water pump flow375 L/min500 L/min
22.5 m³/h30 m³/h
Water pump pressure2.4 BAR
Maximum allowable drag0.7 BAR
Rated speed1900 RPM
Water pump flow340 L/min453 L/min
20.4 m³/h27.2 m³/h
Water pump pressure2.2 BAR
Maximum allowable drag0.65 BAR
Rated speed1800 RPM
Water pump flow320 L/min427 L/min
19.2 m³/h25.6 m³/h
Water pump pressure1.8 BAR
Maximum allowable drag0.5 BAR
Rated speed1500 RPM
Water pump flow260 L/min347 L/min
15.6 m³/h20.8 m³/hh
Water pump pressure1.25 BAR
Maximum allowable dragMaximum0.35 BAR