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2018-8-21 9:42:28

GM6.5 Diesel engine

 GM6.5 Diesel Engines

Product introduction 

The GCME 8V102A water-cooled diesel engine developed by the company is a new product designed and developed on the basis of the US General Motors GM6.5 water-cooled engine. The GM6.5 engine is the main model supplied by AMG (General) Company of the United States to Hummer military vehicles.

The model is: V-type 8-cylinder, supercharged, water-cooled, electronically controlled diesel engine, weighing only 340KG, power up to 153kW, Excellent product performance, small size, light weight, high power, advanced electronic control technology and EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) technology, the emission meets Euro III standard, is off-road vehicle, light armored vehicle, all kinds of luxury CMB, medium card, The ideal matching power for luxury cars, pickups, yachts, etc.

Application range: 

The series diesel engine mainly applied all kinds of light duty trucks, cross-country vehicle, pick-up, light duty bus, MPV and military truck ect.

Main technical performance: 

It adopts American AGM (General Purpose GM6.5 Diesel Engine) technology and has international advanced level.

Low vibration, low noise, powerful, small size and good comfort.

 Low emissions, EGR engine reaches Euro III. The supercharged and supercharged intercooled diesel engine is better Euro III.

It has excellent quality, reliability and durability. The main spare parts are all produced by the imported machine tool center.

GM6.5 Engine China Version Technical Parameters

ModelGCME 8V102A
TypeV type 8 cylinder,electronically controlled water cooling,4 stroke
Ignition Order1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3
Bore * Stroke103mm * 97mm
Displacement6.5 L
Compression Ratio18 : 1
Power Rating153kw (215HP)
Rating Speed3200rpm
Peak torque440 lb-ft @ 1,800 rpm
Peak Torque Speed3200rpm
Idle Speed800±50 rpm
Maximum Steady Idling Speed3600±100rpm
Net Dry Weight (kg)430kg
Overall Dimensions891*711*758mm

GM6.5L Cylinder block

Fast Delivery Cylinder Block for GM6.5L

The deck height261.64-261.77mm
The brinell hardnessHB170-220
The diameter of cylinder bore102.99 mm
The diameter of main bore79.83-79.85 mm

GM6.5L Casting iron Engine Cylinder block

ISO9001: 2000, ISO/TS16949 international quality management system certification.

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