Deutz diesel engine 2012 series Catalog

2018-8-21 10:55:20

Water cooled Diesel Engine Characteristics of the 2012 Series

• The 2012 Deutz series is a four-stroke 4- and 6-cylinder diesel engine for medium-sized mobile vehicles with overhead valve (OHV), horizontal PTO shaft, and liquid cooling for operation in normal weather conditions. Their production capacity is 101.8 horsepower. (74.9 kW) up to 210 hp. (155 kW), turbocharged, air cooled and airless.

• Adopting the single-pump structure verified by the European market for 12 years, the performance is stable and the reliability is high. The average overhaul mileage is 100,000 kilometers higher than the similar products, and the annual attendance rate is 30 days.

• Adopting the single pump technology with the highest injection pressure and the structure of upper inlet and short high pressure oil pipe to meet the emission requirements, save 2-3 liters per 100 kilometers compared with similar products.

• The unique single pump oil supply system has low requirements on fuel quality, and it is suitable for Chinese oil products while ensuring the reliability of the whole machine.

• the noise is lower than 96 decibels, the only engine in China that does not need auxiliary means to reach the standard.

• integrated design, compact structure, small size, lighter than the similar products 100-150 kg.the structure is simple and easy to repair, all the maintenance points are on the same side of the engine; the 2012 series uses no steel sleeve, no duct structure.

• Motors Deutz 2012 series for mobile equipment: excavators, tractors, cranes, loaders, drives for other construction and agricultural machinery and equipment.


Engine modelBF4M2012 Water cooled Diesel Engine 

Deutz BF4M2012 Water cooled Diesel Engine

Engine type4-stroke, 4-cylinder level
Displacement4.04 L
Rated Power90-118kW(120-158 HP) @2500rpm
Peak Torque(Nm@RPM)410-590Nm, 302-435 lb.ft @ 1500rpm
Fuel systemEuro III electronic control unit pump

Complete Deutz BF4M2012 Diesel Engine Model List

Type4 cylinders in line, water cooled, direct injection, turbocharged, after cooled
bore * stroke101 * 126mm
compression ratio19:1
rated power90kw 2500rpm103kw 2500rpm118kw 2500rpm
max torque410N.m 1500rpm530N.m 1500rpm590N.m 1500rpm
idle speedEuro II: 800±50 rpm   Euro III: 700±50 rpm
emission levelEuro II, Euro III
Noise≤94 dB(A) [GB1859]
net dry weight391kg
overall dimension799*601*832 mm


Engine modelBF6M2012 Water cooled Diesel Engine 

Deutz BF6M2012 Water cooled Diesel Engine

Engine type4-stroke, 6-cylinder level
Displacement6.06 L
Rated Power118-170kW(158-228 HP)@2500rpm
Peak Torque(Nm@RPM)590-850Nm, 435-627 lb.ft @ 1500rpm
Fuel systemEuro II Euro III electronic control unit pump

Complete Deutz BF6M2012 Diesel Engine Model List

Descriptions4 stroke, water-cooling, 6 cylinders in line, turbocharged, air-air aftercooled
Bore * Stroke101mm * 126mm
Displacement6.06 L (369.8 in3 )
Rated speed (2500rpm)118kw/160hp132kw/180hp147kw/200hp155kw/211hp162kw/220hp170kw/231hp
Peak torque (1500rpm)590 N.m650 N.m743 N.m750 N.m770 N.m850 N.m
Fuel consumption192 g/kw.h
Net dry weight509 kg
Overall Dimension1027mm * 595mm * 907mm
EmissionEuro IIEuro III
Fuel systemmechanicalelectronic unit pump