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Service purpose

Shanghai Diesel engine family Co., Ltd. (Engine family) hope to help you make the most of your equipment. Your diesel engine is provided by us and no one knows more about it than we do. By communicating with us, you are assured that you get the solution tailored to your needs.

The world-leading "European standards" and the trustworthy "German quality" provide a reliable guarantee for world-class power solutions.

As a pioneer of diesel engines and generator sets, we are proud to offer a wide range of products and services and are recognized industry leaders.

Shanghai Diesel engine family Co., Ltd. (Engine family) in the pursuit of excellence and the ultimate concept of service at the same time, pay more attention to the latter part of the fortune of the road operators of all-round escort.

Our Strengths: Demonstrate our value by best understanding and satisfying the needs of the end customer, striving to be the best business partner for every client with a quality service system.

We firmly believe that the quality is to protect the quality of service to create value of quality, quality win the market.

We promise

To ensure that safety is first and foremost, all efforts made by Shanghai Diesel engine family Co., Ltd. (Engine family) build trust through reliable results to protect our future, including everyone, and constantly improve customer loyalty to meet customer needs.

  • Predictably meet customer needs and expectations
  • To create the most value for customers
  • To create opportunities for staff development, improve the quality of life
  • Create high-value return on investment for both shareholders
  • For partners to provide a win-win situation
  • For the community to undertake energy-saving, environmental responsibility
  • Focus on superior results and always exceed customer expectations
  • Global participation, looking the world, operating without borders
  • Honest and honest, we are just and keep our promises