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Only MTU can guarantee genuine replacement parts that are designed, tested and approved specifically for MTU engines and systems. Genuine parts maximize performance, prolong engine life and meet today’s strict requirements, all thanks to years of intensive research and development, quality audits, and progressive modifications—making them the best possible match for your engine.

Parts and consumables designed specifically for your mtu power generation equipment

When it comes to protecting your engine, we think you’ll agree—only the best? is good enough. Genuine filters, oils and coolants work perfectly with your equipment to maximize its performance, prolong its life and protect it—making them an essential part of your preventive maintenance program.

Filters, oils and coolants that have not been tested by can lead to significant damage to your equipment. Our consumables are rigorously tested and approved specifically for your diesel engine equipment—an assurance only Engine famliy can provide. Their superior design and top-quality materials maximize performance and minimize total cost of operation—and enhance your peace of mind.

Our parts are backed by a full factory warranty, plus a wide range of support so you can:

  • Get back to work quickly.
  • Be fully supported.
  • Ask the experts.
  • Expect powerful logistics.
  • To learn more,Please contact us: charles@mtu-solution.com
Demand Genuine MTU Parts


Safety is critical-as a certified, professional supplier of brand diesel engine equipment, Shanghai Diesel Engine Family Co., Ltd will meticulously ensure customer's safety.

Cummins parts

Outstanding Reliability With the world's leading engineering technology and analysis tools combined with the Chinese user's usage design, the engine is equipped with stronger high-altitude operation, low-temperature operation and large-load continuous operation with powerful sensor and electronic control system Capacity, minus 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, 5200 meters above sea level engine can operate freely

Low fuel consumption Cummins XPI EHV common rail fuel injection system and CTT high flow turbocharger, combined with Cummins advanced power cylinder design and electronic control system, greatly reducing fuel consumption and ensure that the engine in different conditions and applications Excellent fuel economy

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Quality is crucial. Performance is crucial. Service is crucial.

Our provide quality parts, immediate shipping, and technical support while offering competitive prices. These are the values that encompass ENGINE FAMILY® parts and which have garnered us a loyal customer base. We are sure that our commitment to you will be a valuable asset to your business Hard work and good decision making by all team members at ENGINE FAMILY® is the key to the success of the company and is the only reason we are privileged to support lot's of govermental organisations ,major Naval, Marine, Rail operators and diesel engine repair workshops.

SHANGHAI DIESEL ENGINE FAMILY Co.,LTD offers superior quality spare parts at a significant savings. Typically, our customers generate savings of minimum 40 - 50% when compared to Genuine parts. And best of all, you will not have to compromise on quality. As part of our commitment to quality, our Research and Product Development team, with great experience, is committed to utilizing cutting edge technology and strenuous product testing, to ensure the quality of ENGINE FAMILY diesel engine parts. ENGINE FAMILY® successfully completed audits from TUV Rheinland for ISO 9001 Quality Manegement System.

For our customers, quality means failure-free assembly, satisfied end customers, no product recalls - and thus a strong brand. For ENGINE FAMILY®, quality is a significant factor in our global success. Quality management is fully integrated into all manufacturing processes.

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