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Shanghai Diesel Engine Family Co., Ltd (ENGINE FAMILY) is a distributor of Deutz engines in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. We are committed to providing customer service, support and satisfaction, which is to provide the best service to our industry by investing and motivating our passionate staff team.

We offer the world's leading Deutz engine, which covers the 13kw-520kw power range, suitable for water cooled and air cooled engine.

We are authorized exporter of Deutz Engine,Deutz Parts,Deutz Spare Parts,Deutz Engine Parts in China. Our products include engines and parts of Deutz BFL912/913T/C series,Deutz BFM1015C/P series,Deutz BFL413/513F series,and Deutz BFM1013 series.There also are Cummins B,C,L,M,N,K series,Perkins-Lovol 1000 series Diesel Engines,Spare Parts and Generating sets for supplying

Our other services include complete Deutz product line unconditional Technical service support. This commitment covers new real Deutz parts sales and services as well as service Exchange components and engine supply and support. Our commitment has been further enhanced by providing quality-centric centres of excellence, refurbishment of engines and key engine components.

Welcome to contact us to find your engines, spare parts. We will do our best to satisfy your requests and service you with our honesty.


The DEUTZ brand has always been linked to quality. Quality according to our understanding means getting something right at the right time instead of eliminating faults afterwards.

For us, quality is the fulfilment of defined requirements for products, services and processes in the sense of a comprehensive quality management. This “Total Quality Management (TQM)” doesn‘t stop at our company gates, on the contrary we are also intensively involved with the quality of our suppliers and sales partners.

Thus the proverbial DEUTZ quality is for us one of the most important factors in winning new customers and strengthening customer loyalty.

Welcome to contact us to find your engines, spare parts. We will do our best to satisfy your requests and service you with our honesty.

DEUTZ corporate philosophy quality DEUTZ corporate philosophy innovations

“We offer the most successful engine systems in the world” – that is our vision. In 1864, DEUTZ was the first engine manufacturer in the world, and we want to continue to lead in the future when it comes to customer value, quality and technology as well as system and service solutions for the engine – and of course also in the market.

As the leading independent supplier in the premium segment, we want to be the innovations leader in technology geared to market requirements. We aim to not only provide engines to our customers, but complete systems solutions and comprehensive services.

The name DEUTZ will remain the synonym for quality in the future. Our goal is to offer our customers the best cost-benefit ratio and generate the greatest customer satisfaction with our products and services.

Together with our partners, we are already developing today the technologies for the requirements of tomorrow.

DEUTZ – the ENGINE FAMILY company.
We set standards and shape the future.