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6CT8. 3 Maine Engine

Type  water-cooled, four-stroke
Bore X stroke (mm) 1114X1135
Displacement (L) 10.3
Intake method Turbocharged
Maximun power (horsepower/kw) 235/175
Rated speed (revolution) 1000

Whether wheel loaders, haul trucks or roadbuilding equipment, mobile cranes, aircraft tractors, or container cranes, our wide range of engines, with outputs of 75 kW (Series 900) to 3,000 kW (Series 4000), MTU always has the perfect engine for your equipment. As a systems supplier, MTU’s integration expertise can provide you with a complete package that is optimally tailored to your needs – with both software and hardware. Various power take-off options for highly specialized applications offer even greater flexibility.

In order for our diesel drive systems to operate trouble-free even under extreme conditions, we test them again and again in continuous operation and with full loads in the heat, cold, and dust,as well as with frequent load changes. This ensures that our engines offer maximum availability.