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Cummins Automotive Engines Your Fingertips

Cummins Automotive Engines

Cummins Automotive Engines Your Fingertips

Its advanced technology unifies perfectly the cylinder diesel combustion system, air intake system, filtration and post-processing system, fuel system and electrical control system together, which provides a maximum guarantee of fuel economy, reliability and lower emission.

Cummins automotive diesel engines are generally used at trucks ,bus ,tractor, light commercial vehicle, pickup car, SUV etc. Up to now China Cummins have five joint venture company as: Chongqing Cummins(CCEC), Dongfeng Cummins, Xi’an Cummins(XCEC), Foton Cummins(BFCEC), Guangxi Cummins(GCEC).

There are so many automobile company have cooperated with them, in China like Howo, Steyr, Steyr King, Shacman, Dongfeng,Foton, FAW, in worldwide like Man, Ford, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Leyland, Mack, Peterbilt, Sisu, Sterling, Tatra, Volvo for trucks; And China Yutong, Zhongtong, Golden Dragon, Higer, in worldwide like Bluebird, Orion, Gilig, Motorcoach industries, Neoplan, Alexander-Dennis, NABI, NewFlyer.

Engine Family products range is one of the most widely and most modern products in the diesel engine field. We offer a comprehensive, robust and reliable engine solution for yachts, merchant and naval vessels, construction and industrial vehicles while serving agricultural machinery, mines, railways and military vehicles as well as the oil and gas industries. We offer a full range of services to help you maximize uptime and performance.

Welcome to contact us to find your engines, spare parts. We will do our best to satisfy your requests and service you with our honesty.


Ensure optimal performance of each engine can play in the vehicle

Cummins Truck engine

Ensure optimal performance of each engine can play in the vehicle

Cummins provides the widest range of diesel and alternative fuel engines for bus.

The Cummins engine adapts the global passenger transportation market to the power product reliable, durable, the high efficiency low cost, low quality request, by virtue of the international leading technology research and development means and the long negative reputation exquisite manufacturing craft, entrusts the Cummins Light, medium and heavy engine from 2.8 liters to 12 litres passenger with the strong reliable, the economic environmental protection outstanding.

The Power range covers 107-490 hp (80-360 kw), which is the most suitable cleaning power solution for the customers in different countries and areas of the world, such as road passenger cars, coaches, buses .

Engine Family committed to providing cost-effective environment-friendly natural gas Cummins engine. The power and economic advantages of Cummins natural gas engine in China, while inheriting the reliable and durable classic quality of Cummins, are particularly prominent. The B6.7G and L8.9G natural gas series have a lower total life-cycle operating cost, satisfying China's national V and higher emissions standards, the ideal driving force for 8 to 12 m buses, 12 meters above BRT, travel and passenger coaches.