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Cummins Construction Engine

Cummins Construction Engines

Cummins diesel engines power construction machinery around the globe. Through proven partnerships with some of the world’s finest brands, Cummins engines are available in equipment ranging from bulldozers and excavators to grinders and air compressors.

To accommodate the vast needs of the worldwide construction industry, Cummins offers a diverse engine lineup, with ratings from 50-1200 hp. Every Cummins construction engine is engineered to deliver outstanding productivity, built for reliable performance in the harshest environments and designed to give you every advantage for your next job.

With a more integrated design ,the number of Cummins engineering engines parts are significantly reduced, the reliability of engine is improved,that also leader to a less maintenance costs and repair time. Its spindle bearing zone increase approximately 30% compared to other similar engines, that ensured a long working life under high load conditions.

For the toughest jobs around the world, people who know, trust Cummins.

Contact us to find your engines & spare parts. We will do our best to satisfy your requests and service you with our honesty.


Cummins Construction Engine

Major Cost Benefits Realized In Global Trials Of New Filter Technology From Cummins Filtration

Slashing Maintenance Costs

A filter optimization program carried out by Cummins Filtration and Komatsu at Anglo American’s Dawson coal mine in Queensland has resulted in major cost savings through the use of new technology Fleetguard filters to extend service intervals.

Cost savings of 60%, through reduced filter and oil consumption alone, were confirmed following a 12-month field test involving a Komatsu 830E haul truck powered by a Cummins QSK60 HPI engine.

Applied to the fleet of 14 Komatsu 830E trucks at Dawson mine, savings in excess of $220,000 per year would be realized while slashing downtime for servicing by 74% or 439 hours.

Add in the reduced labor costs resulting from the 439 fewer hours of servicing time, and total savings would exceed $250,000 across the fleet of 14 trucks.

Following the 12-month test, all 14 Komatsu 830E trucks were fitted with the new technology filters.

Cummins Construction Engine

Your job site needs more power, less hassle. Powering construction jobsites around the globe, Cummins construction engines are the driving force behind the world’s finest construction applications.

With ratings from 49-1200 hp (37-859 kW), our diverse construction engine lineup offers the flexibility to meet your specific power solution needs.

Excellent reliability, using forged steel camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder design, many parts cast on the cylinder body, large rigidity, high pressure resistance ability, longer service life.